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Dustin J. Mitchell

Open-source contributors

06 Sep 2007

There have been a few interesting sites popping up lately to do some large-scale analysis of open source applications and the developers behind them. ohloh is one such site. Ohloh analyzes the source to extract license and language information, and also looks at the relative contributions of various authors, based on commits.

The Amanda report shows some warnings:

  • Small development team

  • Short source control history

The first is something I’d like to change – if you’re looking for an open source project, have I got a deal for you!

The second is actually an artifact of the switch to Subversion – a much longer history is available in SourceForge’s CVS repository, but when the project switch to subversion, it was imported in a single revision, rather than using cvs2svn.

EDIT: fix typo in the title