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Dustin J. Mitchell

Happy Ada Lovelace Day

25 Mar 2010

Yesterday, March 24, was Ada Lovelace Day. I was at Pumping Station: One, and decided to spend an hour or so writing something to honor the first computer programmer. I was feeling singularly uninspired, and googling for “Ada Lovelace” didn’t turn up anything interesting. But it did give me an idea: write a program that googles for you!

I haven’t written much JavaScript lately, but I’ve heard a lot about the work Google’s done to provide easy JavaScript libraries and APIs. I thought it’d be interesting to try out some of these APIs. It was! I hacked up a quick HTML page, using a Searcher object, to search for Lovelace images. Here’s the code:

The only downside I’ve found is that even if you request a “large” result set, you only get 8 results. I don’t know of a way to get subsequent results. So this really only cycles through a few images. Still, it only took me an hour, and most of that was remembering how to use the DOM.