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Dustin J. Mitchell

irssi settings for status-in-nick

22 Oct 2010

I am getting started in releng at Mozilla, and IRC provides a central meeting-place for the group. As such, indicating your status to this group is an important, so others can know whether you’re nearby to answer a question or take care of a problem. This is generally done by adding suffixes to the IRC nickname, e.g., “dustin|afk” or “dustin|lunch”.

Before I go further, I know that this is frown on, and even results in autoignores, in some corners of IRC. If that’s the case for you, read no further. Irssi’s documentation is utterly incomplete. So the only way to figure out how to configure something or write a script is to find and adapt examples. So hopefully this entry will feed back into that pool.

What I want is an easy way to bind some keystrokes to commands like /NICK dustin|afk. However, I want to be very careful not to set this nick on other chatnets, particularly since I’m generally known as djmitche there, not dustin. So I began by writing a script that can double-check this:

use strict;

use vars qw ($VERSION %IRSSI);

$VERSION = 'v1.0';
%IRSSI = (
        name        => 'moznick',
        authors     => 'dustin',
        contact     => '',
        url         => '',
        license     => 'GPLv2',
        description => 'Sets my nick status for Mozilla co-workers',

use Irssi;

my $last_nick = '';

sub is_mozilla {
    my ($server) = @_;
    if (!$server || $server->{'chatnet'} eq 'mozilla') {
        return 1;

    Irssi::print("This isn't a mozilla channel!");
    return 0;

sub cmd_moznick {
    my ($data, $server, $channel) = @_;

    if (is_mozilla($server)) {
        my $new_nick = $data? "dustin|$data" : "dustin";
        return if ($new_nick eq $last_nick);

        $server->command("NICK $new_nick");
        Irssi::print("nick set to $new_nick");
        $last_nick = $new_nick;

Irssi::command_bind("moznick", "cmd_moznick");

This just adds a /MOZNICK command that will set my nick, but only on a Mozilla chatnet. Then I added an alias and some bindings. I don’t like irssi’s configuration-writing stuff, as it’s several times blown away my configuration. Instead, I edit the config file directly. So I have:

aliases = {
    moznick_moz = "window goto #build; moznick $*";

keyboard = (
    { key = "meta-space"; id = "multi"; data = "command moznick_build"; },
    { key = "meta-z"; id = "multi"; data = "command moznick_build brb"; },
    { key = "meta-x"; id = "multi"; data = "command moznick_build away; command away"; }

The advantage of the window goto in the alias is that it will switch to a channel on the mozilla chatnet. I’d love to have a way to just switch to that chatnet without changing windows, but this isn’t bad.