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Dustin J. Mitchell

Connecting Bugzilla to TaskWarrior

04 Dec 2016

I’ve mentioned before that I use TaskWarrior to organize my life. Mostly for work, but for personal stuff too (buy this, fix that thing around the house, etc.)

At Mozilla, at least in the circles I run in, the central work queue is Bugzilla. I have bugs assigned to me, suggesting I should be working on them. And I have reviews or “NEEDINFO” requests that I should respond to. Ideally, instead of serving two masters, I could just find all of these tasks represented in TaskWarrior.

Fortunately, there is an integration called BugWarrior that can do just this! It can be a little tricky to set up, though. So in hopes of helping the next person, here’s my configuration:

targets = bugzilla_mozilla, bugzilla_mozilla_respond
annotation_links = True
log.level = WARNING
legacy_matching = False

service = bugzilla
bugzilla.base_uri =
bugzilla.ignore_cc = True
# assigned
bugzilla.query_url =
add_tags = bugzilla
project_template = moz
description_template = 
bugzilla.username = USERNAME
bugzilla.password = PASSWORD

service = bugzilla
bugzilla.base_uri =
bugzilla.ignore_cc = True
# ni?, f?, r?, not assigned
bugzilla.query_url =
add_tags = bugzilla, respond
project_template = moz
description_template = 
bugzilla.username = USERNAME
bugzilla.password = PASSWORD

Out of the box, this tries to do some default things, but they are not very fine-grained. The bugzilla_query_url option overrides those default things (along with bugzilla_ignore_cc) to just sync the bugs matching the query.

Sadly, this does, indeed, require me to include my Bugzilla password in the configuration file. API token support would be nice but it’s not there yet – and anyway, that token allows everything the password does, so not a great benefit.

The query URLs are easy to build if you follow this one simple trick: Use the Bugzilla search form to create the query you want. You will end up with a URL containing buglist.cgi. Change that to query.cgi and put the whole URL in BugWarrior’s bugzilla_query_url parameter.

I have two stanzas so that I can assign the respond tag to bugs for wihch I am being asked for review or needinfo. When I first set this up, I got a lot of errors about duplicate tasks from BugWarrior, because there were bugs matching both stanzas. Write your queries carefully so that no two stanzas will match the same bug. In this case, I’ve excluded bugs assigned to me from the second stanza – why would I be reviewing my own bug, anyway?

I have a nice little moz report that I use in TaskWarrior. Its output looks like this:

ID  Pri Urg  Due        Description
 98 M   7.09 2016-12-04 add a docs page or blog post
 58 H   18.2   Create a framework for displaying team dashboards
 96 H   7.95   cron.yml for periodic in-tree tasks
 91 M   6.87            blog about bugwarrior config
111 M   6.71            guide to microservices, to help folks find the services they need to read th
 59 M   6.08            update label-matching in taskcluster/taskgraph/transforms/ to use
 78 M   6.02   Allow `test-sets` in `test-platforms.yml`
 92 M   5.97   Merge android-test and desktop-test into a "test" k
 94 M   5.96   Ensure that tasks in a taskgraph do not have duplic