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Dustin J. Mitchell

TaskCluster-Github Improvements

09 Feb 2017

Repositories on Github can use TaskCluster to automate build, test, and release processes. The service that enables this is called, appropriately enough, taskcluster-github.

This week, Irene Storozhko, Brian Stack, and I gathered in Toronto to land some big improvements to this service.

First, the service now supports “release” events, which means it can trigger tasks when a new release is added to github, such as building and uploading binaries or making release announcements.

Second, we have re-deployed the service as an integration Irene has developed. This makes the set-up process much easier – just go to the integration page and click “Install”. No messing with web hooks, adding users to teams, etc.

The integration gives users a great deal more control over our access to repositories: it can be installed organization-wide, or only for specific repositories. The permissions required are much more restricted than the old arrangement, too. On the backend, the integration also gives us much better access to debugging information that was previously only available to organization administrators.

Finally, Irene has developed a quickstart page to guide new users through setting up a repository to use TaskCluster-Github. With this tool, we hope to see many more Mozilla projects building automation in TaskCluster, even if that’s as simple as running tests.